Know about the GIIS Future-Ready Merit Scholarship in Dubai and its advantages

The Global Future Ready Merit (GFRM) Scholarship offered at the Global Indian International School (GIIS) is an acclaimed merit based scholarship given to the meritorious and esteemed students regardless of their financial status.

GIIS Dubai is one of the leading Indian high schools in Dubai under the CBSE curriculum that aims to turn every child into a responsible global citizen and provide a worldwide platform to their students. This Indian high school in Dubai offers the GFRM scholarship to both new and existing students of the GIIS campus who are residents or citizens of UAE and have shown exemplary performance in academics. Every year this exclusive scholarship is offered to only a few selected students who are well-deserved and praiseworthy.

The GFRM scholarship with two-year scholarship tenure is divided into two categories depending on the grade of the student.

The eligibility criteria are similar for both the division of grades that is for grades 7-8 and grades 9-10:

Students from CBSE/ ICSE/ State Boards/ Other Boards who have secured minimum 91% are eligible to apply for the scholarship. IGCSE/ GCSE “0” Levels students need to score A* in all 9 subjects or 8 subjects A* in 8 subjects and A in 1 subject or A* in 7 subjects and A in1 subject according to the four categories mentioned. The qualified students receive a privilege of 20% – 5% off on their tuition fees.

The students also need to fulfil the conditions given under the scholarship disbursal criteria. The applicants must-

● Be UAE inhabitant with legal residency documents comprising Residence Visa and Emirates ID.

● Submit the record of meritorious academic performance of the past two years.

Pre-requisite documents required for application are-

  1. UAE residence visa copy of parent and student
  2. Copy of Emirates ID of parent and student
  3. The academic record of the last 2 years

Advantages of the GFRM Scholarship

The GFRM Scholarship has substantial benefits.

● By covering the portion of tuition fees, it aims to make quality education affordable and attainable for the parents from all economic positions.

● Qualifying for this scholarship is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the students that paves the way for a fulfilling career. The students who avail this scholarship get convenient access to renowned universities and prominent undergraduate courses of their choice.

● Besides holistic education and skilled mentorship, the GRFM scholarship encourages the students to focus their energy and means in pursuing a degree and successfully complete it.

● The students develop a growth mindset with positivity and optimism. Proficient faculty members of GIIS Dubai help in the intellectual growth and personality development of the meritorious students and thus prepare them for university placements.

● A student qualifying for the GFRM scholarship can pursue their high school education at any GIIS campuses which allows the student to interact with new people, explore different environments and thus build up the child’s confidence and social skills.

Thus, the future ready merit scholarship creates a strong foundation in supporting the students in the initial years of career building and helps them in securing a bright future.

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