10 Reasons How HP Stays At The Top Of The PC Market

When one thinks of laptops, the first brand that comes to most people’s mind is HP. It is also arguably the most popular PC brand in the country that has always enjoyed one of the top market shares. As of Q3 2020, HP holds the highest market share of 28.2% in India. So let us explore the reasons why HP continues to be the market leader when it comes to personal computers.

  1. A computer for everyone

One of the reasons why HP is such a popular brand is that it has a large portfolio of computers, and it offers a range of laptops in every segment. If you’re looking for an affordable laptop, there’s the HP Pavilion series. If you’re looking for a premium laptop, you have the HP Envy series. If you’re looking for a gaming laptop, you can go for the HP Omen series. These are just a few examples from the extensive range of PCs that HP has in its kitty.

  1. Reputable brand

Being one of the oldest computer brands in the world, HP enjoys a reputation that’s a source of envy for many others. Established in 1939, Hewlett- Packard (HP) has a market base in over 150 countries.

  1. Impeccable design

HP is known for its classy, attractive laptops across all segments. The company offers industry-leading design in almost all its offerings. It also gives a robust build quality and stunning aesthetics to all of its models.

  1. Technical support and customer care

Owing to the ubiquity of HP’s network of retail channels and service centres, the brand offers excellent technical support and customer care. HP has its customer care centre in almost every major city, and the service they provide increases brand value.

  1. Reliability

HP computers are known to be reliable, long-lasting machines. The testimony to that is the military testing that some of the devices undergo. This includes drop-tests on all sides, angles and edges; exposure to sudden electric shocks, and several other tests with elements such as altitude, humidity and temperature. Thus, HP devices are long-lasting as they perform well even after years of usage.

  1. Security first

HP focuses on providing top-notch security to its customers. The brand offers various powerful features to ensure that their customers’ data remains secure. These include HP Sure Start, HP Sure Run, HP Sure Recover and HP Sure View among others.

  1. Stunning display

HP computers often feature a powerful display coupled with great screen quality. HP monitors are popular due to their crisp, high-quality displays with extensive colour profiles.

  1. Long battery life

Customers love HP laptops for the battery life they offer. Some of them can last up to an impressive 12 hours. HP generally uses 3-cell and 4-cell batteries, both of which provide satisfactory performance across various categories.

  1. Innovation

HP is always ahead of its competitors when it comes to hardware development. The company is constantly innovating, giving its customers unique features and exciting products. For instance, the brand brought touchscreen technology to the mainstream. Now, they manufacture some of the best 2-in-1 laptops in the market.

  1. Performance

The main reason behind the immense popularity of HP is their performance. HP products come with more features and better specifications than other brands’ laptops of the same price. Whether it’s a basic student laptop or a gaming laptop, HP laptops are sure to impress you with their performance.

In conclusion, HP provides all-rounder products with good support. So if you’re planning to buy an HP laptop, you don’t have to think twice. Moreover, you can buy your favourite HP laptop from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. All you need to do is select your model, and buy it using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card at easy, no cost EMIs.

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