boat watch storm review, specifications, features

In this post, we are doing a long-term review of a smartwatch by boat which is called a boat storm. It is mostly known for making audio accessories but after launching the pro gear smart band. They have expanded the variable business by launching the Boat Watch Storm. So can both compete in the market with its Boat Watch Storm let’s find out.

In the box:
In the box, we get the user manual warranty card, a catalog that shows different products of the board, and a magnetic charging cable.

Physical overviews:
For the physical overview on the front, we get a 1.3-inch full touch screen 2.5 d colures curved display. On the back, we find a bunch of sensors and magnetic charging contacts. We have a silicon strap that holds the water in a place that is easily removable so and on this site we have a multifunctional button.

If I have to talk about the comfort of this watch then I feel this watch is very comfortable. I use this watch even though for the entire day but I did not face any issues. I didn’t get any irritation on any of that sort even after wearing this watch for the day. This is a silicon strap but even though it is a silicone strap I did not face any issue. it’s quite comfortable and light to wear on the hand. If I want to say something about the touchscreen then I would say it is not the smoothest but it’s decently smooth. I would say and consider the price point of this watch I don’t think so I should complain much regarding the same.

They both watch tom have got a very simple user interface and nothing extraordinary. This is the main screen from where long-pressing you can change different watch faces as you can customize your own watch face as well and set. It is a watch face for the boat watch down if you still want to add much more watch faces then you’ll have to do that from the app itself secondly.

We have can change the dial-in which we can change the watch faces which I’ve already shown you. We can change the brightness and if we swipe from if we swipe to the left from the home screen then we have an option to turn on and off the continuous heart rate monitoring. The raise to wake up function do not disturb and find my phone. If you swipe down from the home screen we get all our notifications. If we swipe from the bottom we get all our records for the day like how many steps we have taken, how much distance we have traveled etc.

If you want to use much more functions for the watch then you’ll have to download this app from the google play store that is called board pro gear. Once you download the app you’ll have to sync the watch along with the app by turning on the Bluetooth on your phone and once that is done.

You can see there are different options here like call alerts hidden tray alert then we have an alarm and then alert. You can select which notifications you want your watch to be the watch to display. We have dial settings where you can change different watch faces of the watch.

We have music control where you can directly change the song. You know to go back to the song directly from your watch then we have hearted detection you can set it to automatic annual then we have wake gestures annual.
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Now just to give you an idea of the raise to wake function how fast it. I’m going to compare this with my honor band 5 here. let’s see which one is faster as you can see it is almost the same as my honor band 5 and sometimes the boat I feel is a tad faster. If I have to compare it, again and again, you can see that it is almost similar to my honor band 5 which is really good.

If I compare both together then I don’t see much difference in the same. let’s compare the blood oxygen on the hpo2 level with my honor band 5. It goes there you go and now this is with the boat and there you go you can see the board is showing 98. My honor band is showing 97 which is very close enough. I feel these results should be correct. It’s also worth noting that the boat watch storm is 5 water-resistant.

If you have slight splashes or submerge the watch under the water. If swimming along with you the watch won’t have any problem whatsoever the boat watch storm has a 210 mah battery. The company claims to have eight to ten days of battery life but in my testing, I managed to get around the nine days of battery life. Its Bluetooth turned on and the watch connected to the smartphone as for the charging time. I managed to charge the boat watch storm from 0 to 100 percent in approximately 2.5 hours.

SO Conclusion:

So overall for the price of rupees 2199 for the boat watch Storm. I feel we are not skimping on many things here but I wish it had a slightly better display a slightly faster charging and a slightly better touch response. It does well with almost on power steps tracking then spo2 a blood pressure monitoring, heart rate monitoring besides a wide variety of fitness modes available. I can say that I was satisfied with the boat watch storm review for what it offers for the price. So guys that’s it for the post and I really hope you liked it.