The Ultimate Guide To Wearing White The Right Way

There are thousands of myths in a fashion that we come across from time to time. One of the biggest myths that have been around being about wearing white. People usually like to stick to dark colors. Because of these very myths.

For example, at MBM, we come across many people that are hesitant in trying white. It isn’t because of the price. Because we offer affordable luxury pret Pakistan collections only. In fact, you can shop luxury pret in Pakistan of the best quality at Maria Basit Malik.

Basically, people find black to be very flattering. It is considered to be sleek and professional. It is a color that has many characteristics. Whether you have a dinner party to attend or a casual meetup, you can wear black.

But feeling confident in white can get you many looks. Women and men find white to be very intimidating. This is why you’ll find very few people wearing white. For this purpose, we have gathered ample information for you. The tips we are about to mention will help you wear White and look good in it like a queen! Let’s dive in without further ado and see how you can ace a White outfit!

1. No Need To Try White The Hard Way!

You don’t have to go totally out of your style to try on white. Instead, you can wear white by still keeping your style.

Let’s suppose that you usually wear colorful clothes. And now you want to wear white like it’s your style. How about you put on a colorful kurta and pair it with plain straight pants? It wouldn’t be too crazy. You can also do another thing. How about throwing in colorful pants with exotic prints and a white kurta above? That would look chic and would still look like your style.

So, you can always find a creative way to throw some white in your outfits. But for that, you need to calmly ask yourself: do I feel comfortable in it? If you do and it also looks good on you, then you are great to go!

2. Make White Oxford Button-Down Shirt A Part of Your Attire, And You’ll Be Good!

Many fashion experts believe that a white button-down is a versatile piece of clothing. You know why? Because you can literally pair it with a lot of things, and it’ll still look great. For example, denim flared pants? Great. Put on a white button-down shirt with it and you would’ve achieved a chic look.

You can cough your sleeves a bit and wear a beautiful skirt underneath. That’ll do the trick! This look is our favorite at MBM because it is both professional and casual. Whether it is a date or a casual friends meetup, you can try it out.

Adding colorful shoes can make this look even better!

3. You Need To Find Your Perfect Shade of White To Know Which One Looks Great on You!

At MBM, you can shop luxury pret in Pakistan and our collections have a lot of whites. But we always recommend our customers to know their shade of white. Still don’t get what we mean?

Basically, there are several shades of white. These shades include cream, off-white, bone, eggshell, and ecru. Out of all these shades, you will only look good in some. Why? As there are a number of factors that decide which shade of white looks better on you. Your skin tone might look better with off white, instead of eggshell white.

This is why you will need to experiment with white shades a bit. Only then you will know which white shade looks good on you. And mind this: white is a great color so there must be a shade that compliments you. So you better work on finding your shade of white.

4. Go For White Pants To Truly Pull Off A Great Summer Look!

Whites not only look nice, but they also feel nice, especially in summers. For instance, you can wear a blue striped shirt with white flared jeans.

Pairing the pants with a brown belt would make it even better. 

For options in shirts, you can always go for a button-down shirt of some cute color. With white pants, any color would pop honestly. Whether it is lavender or pink or orange. You can honestly pull any look off with this combination.

At MBM, where you shop luxury pret in Pakistan, you will find many such outfits. We have paired white pants with a colorful kurta or shirt. So in case you have not tried this combination out yet, it’s time that you do.

5. Pull Off A Classy Look With An All-White Pant Suit!

Men and women both like all-white suits. But again, there are some that are hesitant to put it on. Why? Because they believe that white can be boring.

But fashion experts disagree with this thought. Why? Because white is honestly very fun. You can pair it with colors or golds and silvers. And still, it will not lose its vibe.

Some women think that wearing white to Pakistani weddings can be hard. This is understandable. But MBM has amazing white formals in its affordable luxury pret Pakistan Collections. And some of our hot-sellers are all white.

So if you want an all-white pant suit to look great, all you need to do is pick accessories the right way. For example, throwing in a black belt and black earrings would give an awesome vibe. You can even pick gold earrings depending on the shade of white you are going for.

We hope that after reading these tips you don’t feel too intimidated by white. While white might seem like a very risky color, it really isn’t. Especially when you know how to wear it. All you need is a little bit of confidence and a great sense of style.

You can always contact our consultants to get to know more about luxury pret Pakistan collections.

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