Top 9 trending food items that use Kraft boxes to change Food Packaging Industry

The food industry is one of the most competitive industries in today’s market. It’s no secret that people are constantly looking for new, exotic flavors to satisfy their taste buds. In the food industry, food packaging also plays a crucial role in the success of any business because it offers consumers an opportunity to see what they’ll be getting before they buy it.

The food industry is a multi-billion-dollar market that continuously changes. Every day, new trends and ideas come to fruition or are put on the back burner. With so many companies trying to stand out in this saturated industry, we’ve compiled a list of the top 9 trending food items that use custom printed kraft boxes as their main form of packaging and how these packages are changing food packaging forever!

9 trending food items that use Kraft boxes

  • The first trending food item that uses kraft boxes is cereal. Cereal’s main form of packaging is a box, but it also comes in special limited-edition boxes, like the Cap’n Crunch holiday collector’s tin. These custom printed kraft boxes are great for kids because they’re not only more aesthetically pleasing than regular cardboard cereal boxes, they have fun designs and images on them to excite little ones about their breakfast!
  • Another popular trend in the food industry right now is meatballs. Meatball packages vary from frozen dinners containing balls and sauce to pre-made bags of just meatballs with sauces available as options. They come in different sizes ranging from family-size packs down to singles.

Some meatballs are even made with non-meat products, like Quorn. These types of balls can also be custom printed kraft boxes to appeal to vegetarians and vegans who want a delicious meal without having to rely on soy or tofu for protein!

  • Another top trending item is the juice box. Different companies like Nestle have taken an oath to use eco-friendly kraft packaging for their juice boxes. Also, the straws that come with juice boxes are also made up of eco-friendly paper.
  • BOSS Food’s vegan superfood bars are a must-have for anyone looking to eat healthily. They’re not only delicious, but they also come in compostable wrappers that will decompose naturally!

You see this kind of eco-friendly packaging with TIPA products like their biodegradable and reusable food containers– even the lids on these items can be recycled or reused again after you finish eating your dinner. In addition, the company makes sure all its customers stay environmentally conscious by conducting shelf-life tests before shipping out any product, so you know it’ll last just as long as conventional plastic does.

  • Boxed Water is Better offering a better alternative for those who drink liquids and prefer not to carry their own bottle with them. These 100% recyclable cardboard boxes are made from 75% paper with 25% plastic for your safety and taste preference. For every box of water you buy, they remove 2 lbs of carbon emission out of the atmosphere helping preserve our environment! This company also plants trees in areas that have deforestation or fires for a 50lb donation, which means buying these great-tasting waters is giving back to the people around the world.
  • Buddy Fruit Company wanted to go greener and decided to use recycling film made from biomaterial, but faced certain challenges when they found out that the recycling plant couldn’t recycle it. Buddy Fruits, a sustainable food company, is one of many companies that have partnered with Teracycle. Contributions from Buddy Fruits customers help a variety of eco-conscious businesses by turning their recycled goods into usable items.
  • Celestial Tea aims to reduce the environmental impacts it causes by avoiding staples, strings, and particular wrappers. Kraft boxes eradicate 3.5 million pounds of waste material annually. But Celestial’s commitment doesn’t stop there! Their boxes are made with 100% recycled paperboard, and the all-natural string they use in each bag can be composted after you’re done brewing your favorite cup of joe – so no worries about stinky garbage cans at work (or home).
  • For coffee drinkers who are looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint, companies have released coffee bags that purport to be compostable. The catch is they contain non-compostable plastic parts. Despite the name “compostable,” these bags will more likely end up in a landfill than contributing to breaking down organic material. Composting has become easier than ever before thanks to innovative packaging options like those offered by Elevate Packaging (the makers behind our newest 100 percent biodegradable zipper). Now you can enjoy your morning.
  • GF Harvest offers a sustainable takeaway option with their Go Pack oatmeal bowls. The recyclable bowls are made from the Integra Flex collapsible cups. They are partially compostable and come flat for easy storage until you’re ready to eat them. You can save space by storing these eco-friendly packaging in your office kitchen or at home without taking up any extra fridge room; when you’re finally hungry enough to enjoy some good food on the go, all that’s left is adding hot water! GF harvest also provides a wrapped paper spoon that is 100% recyclable. If there was one thing I wish could be improved about this product–it would be more options as far as flavor goes.
  • Honest Tea has been a pioneer in sustainable business practices. They have always viewed their company as part of the global community, and through that lens, they are constantly looking for ways to make themselves more environmentally friendly. One-way Honest Tea does this is by having Cradle to Crace certification on all glass bottles. Honest manufactures an aluminum can line, material safety they use only food-grade ingredients and renewable energy sources.


Kraft boxes are the newest trend in food packaging. The material is durable and provides a professional yet cost-effective way to sell your product with minimal design work. Impressionville offers custom-printed kraft boxes that can be tailored to any company’s needs and budget. Find out more by visiting our website or calling us today!