Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends Which You Can’t Deny in 2021

There was a time when people used to get surprised at how Artificial Intelligence, voice search engine optimization (VSEO), and robots work. But, in 2021, we see all these trends getting used regularly in our daily life chores, with no astonishment at all. All the credits go-to digital marketing for transforming the world into a tech planet.

Hence, to keep your business running competitively in today’s fierce market, you need to get adapted to the rapidly transforming digital marketing world.

What is digital marketing?

It is the online marketing of your products, brand, and services on social media channels, email, website, and other mobile applications. The other name for digital marketing can be internet marketing as the internet is the primary medium for it.

Scroll down and know the top trends of digital marketing in 2021.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

We have already seen how AI has taken over many jobs. It’s sudden take over showcasing its abilities and command to perform exceptionally. It has become the global heart of industries and brands for revolutionizing their processes and operations.

A creative branding agency in Dubai shared their experience of employing AI in analyzing consumer behavior and search patterns. They reported on how AI accurately generated results from the social media platforms and blogs which they used to promote their services.

AI has become the driving force behind many digital media marketing services such as email personalization, e-commerce transactions, and content creation.


Chatbots is an AI-based technology trending in 2021 and widely used by websites to promote real-time communication with visitors. According to a study, Chatbots will be used to serve 85% of the customer service by 2021.

It’s a big relaxation to the websites as it is for 24-hour service, instantly responds to inquiries and answers by default questions. Customers prefer using Chatbots because it can accurately and limitless recall your buying history, never gets tired of answering, and always talk politely.

Video Marketing

Video marketing has become an essential tool to showcase products and services in a visually appealing manner. To cite, 72% of the customers reported an increase in the conversion lead with 52% of the consumers reporting that watching videos build up their confidence in the brand’s services.

We can see how Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram video options are used for blogging, product reviews, and live broadcasting. All above, it’s FREE of cost. Video content is 50% more compelling than boring texts.

Voice Search and Results on Speakers

Searching with a song name on YouTube has become very common for us. By the end of 2020. 50% of searches were made via voice. The voice shopping industry will rise to $40 billion by 2022. Just like Siri, 55% of the American population will incorporate smart speakers in their homes.

AI keeps learning and improving its voice search results as voice assistants like Alexa and Google have reported fewer errors. Marketers are working on developing new strategies to use voice search to enhance customer interaction and sales growth.

Social Media Stories

Who does not use it? Everyone. Stories are a new marketing tool of FOMO (fear of missing out). Even if the customer misses the post, he can watch the story and explore what’s up with the brand. It promotes brand awareness, user engagement, and traffic to the social media pages in a cost-effective way.

To create impactful stories, add location tags, create polls, and give call-to-action links.

Influencer Marketing

It’s a word-of-mouth type marketing by the prominent personalities of YouTube and Instagram. As per the studies, 63% of the consumers trusted their favorite influencers and bought the services on their recommendations.

A profile design company in Abu Dhabi used the influencer marketing strategy and noticed a positive return on investment (ROI) with better organic engagement. AI is also transforming influencer marketing to widen the benefits in ways of Image recognition with ANN (Artificial Neural Networks), Predicting incentives with ANN, and tracing of fake engagements.

Visual Search Results

Visual searches progressed exponentiallyin2021, although it has been made live years ago. It takes users to next level of search results. You just have to upload an image and get its related results like the web pages where the image is uploaded or other specific details.

Common visual search application includes Interest lens, Google Lens, CamFind, and much more. By this, users get accurate results and a clear idea of their requirements. To cite its importance, 600+ million visual searches were carried on Pinterest.

Social Media for Business

To your surprise, about 10 billion messages are exchanged between users and businesses on Messenger every month. Whatsapp, Messenger, and WeChat are the top-trending social messaging apps for business communication. It does not charge a penny from the users or the business brand.

Social media adds value and personalization to user’s experience as they can communicate by remaining in their personal comfort.

Social Media Marketing

Your brand must have a sound presence on the social media channels otherwise you will lack credibility in your services. Customers search for brands on Facebook and Instagram before availing themselves of their services to check their reviews, ratings, and followers to avoid getting scammed.

Businesses can run sponsored ads to promote brand exposure. They can make use of IGTV and live streaming to showcase the products to the generic audience in real-time.

Blockchain Earning

Blockchain has changed people’s perception of the financial world. It has created transparency and accountability in money-dealing activities. It has far more wide-reaching benefits and uses in the branding world such as Pinpoint Targeting, Protects Personal Data, Authentication and Provenance, and much more.

Wrapping up

These 10 digital marketing trends are not enough to highlight the significance and advantage it has brought to the marketing world. Technology keeps updating and changing according to the circumstances and demands of the world. Digital marketers have to be flexible in adapting and learning new technologies and strategies to be an edge over the competitors.