Best Way to Create an Array Objects in Adobe Illustrator

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I often find myself needing to create an array of objects, either in a straight line, rotated around a center point, or angled along a path. At the moment I’m using all kinds of different and no doubt stupid ways to do it, usually with a little head-math and transformation palettes at a time- and I know the dumb way to do it Is. Can someone point me to the right way, or a plugin, if it’s not possible in Illustrator?

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How to Create an Array Objects in Adobe Illustrator?

There are a few ways to achieve this…

1… The fastest way is to translate, scale or translate an object. To duplicate an object in Windows, hold down the ‘alt’ key. Then the transformation and repetition can be done by pressing CTRL+D.

2…. For greater accuracy, select a transformation tool from the Toolbox and press Enter. A dialog should then be displayed, allowing you to enter numeric values, and a ‘copy’ button. Again, once the dialog is closed, you can press CTRL+D to repeat.

3… The Blend tool can ‘step’ objects, with the option to also rotate the object to match the path.

4… The ‘Actions’ palette can record and playback multiple changes.

5… Illustrator supports multiple languages ​​for scripting, and it provides the most flexible solution but usually takes longer to learn and set up.

* Mac key combinations may be slightly different. You can also use scripting.

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