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Eye-Catching Custom Hair Spray Boxes

The consumer can increase the margin of profit on each box while conserving handling and management time. Box manufacturers also conserve the print designing, printing, and handling time on wholesale deals. Premium quality Hair Packaging Boxes is ideal as it ae made from robust material and can prevent the entry of dirt into the box. The frizz of the hair is controlled by moisture-resistant properties. Sturdy material allows safe transfers and can be stacked easily. They do not get affected by external conditions such as humidity, temperature, or weather changes.

Customized Printed Hair Spray Boxes

Custom Hair Packaging is being appreciated by makeup bloggers and influencers. Boxes are given a unique texture that can be felt upon the slightest touch by spot UV treatment. The print does not fade due to the AQ coating. Furthermore, finishing also provides another protective coating that can be matte, glossy, or glittery as preferred by the client. For expensive brands, Custom Boxes are made extravagant with expensive gold and silver foiling. Debossing, raised ink and embossing are the latest features for making the logo or the names prominent on the box.

Custom Hair Spray Boxes With Logo Design

Text printed on the box in clear space includes a description of the product in precise and variable font styles. Tagline and important manufacturing details are complimented with the instructions as the audience appreciates the information and honesty. The logo is printed on each Hair Spray Box with highlighting features for advanced advertisement strategy with embossing, debossing, or raised ink. Styling can be selected from various forms available such as front tuck double-layered, reverse tuck, auto-lock bottom, sleeve, pillow, lid, and base type, and many more styles. Many modifications help the client to be tempted by the box. Transparent cello windows can be made in different sizes and shapes for letting the audience drool over the beautiful colored Hair Extensions. Partitions can be added to prevent the hair extensions from being damaged.

Hair Spray Packaging Boxes with Wholesale Rate

Packaging For Cosmetics is helping the brand in getting better recognition in the marketplace. Digital and social media are highlighting the influence of attractive packaging. you can make the customers go crazy for your hair spray with floral and peachy vibes. Many modifications can be made to make the box presentable. We offer special designing tactics such as die-cut windows lined with PVC lining. Boxes can have straps, handles and can be decorated with accessories like pearls, stones, or stickers. Elegance is achieved by adding some ribbons to the box. Inserts and partitions are used for compartmentalizing large boxes.

Shipment is the most valuable task demanding money and time. Orchard Packaging delivers each Hair Bundle Packaging free of cost reliably. So you don’t have to worry about the safe delivery of custom boxes. We deliver boxes within 4-9working days anywhere in the world with the fastest services. Boxes are shipped due to feasibility but can also be assembled boxes as per the requirement of our client. Each consignment can be tracked anytime through our customer services by the provided tracking ID. Custom Boxes are mailed safely with fast service.

Why Choose us

Custom Boxes Templates are provided and are approved by the client before the manufacturing of the final batch. The customer representative team performs their duty efficiently and answers all the queries day and night. An accessible website is developed for the customer’s facilitation. Now by visiting the updated website all kinds of information regarding packaging can be sought immediately. You can also get a specific quotation according to the requirements through the website. We make Custom Boxes Wholesale from a natural material that has been processed from softwood mostly. Kraft paper, cardboard, buxboard, wood pulp, or corrugated material is used which are decomposed quickly and y natural micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, and others. Reusable boxes are converted into loam and are recycled by bio-degradation.