Do you know the reasons why you can have an infestation of mice?

Some may think that the lack of cleanliness is a factor that determines the appearance of the same, but this is not exactly the case. Being clean and neat will not get you out of this undesirable situation . One of the main reasons is the simple fact of living on a ground floor or having a garden.

Despite that, rats do not feel limited when climbing stairs or climbing cables. Not even the water stops them to invade us.

When we find rats or mice, we must know that their nature allows them to adapt to almost any environment , they look for a warm place near food, that is why your house is a very attractive place for rodents, especially in cold seasons such as autumn. and winter, as that will be when their survival instinct forces them to stay safe.

It should not make you strange to have found one of them trying to sneak through the cracks. It is not a factor that depends on you. What is in your hands is to attack and also to prevent. We could dedicate an entire book to the causes that attract rodents to our home, but we are not here to generate more confusion, but to bring you the definitive solution against rats.To begin with, we want you to know an ecological solution, which does not use biocides, so it is aligned with environmental policies:

→  Goodnature is a trap created to kill rats and mice without causing any suffering , since their death is instantaneous. We use a natural bait that is non-toxic and easily detectable by the rat’s nose.

This trap is a fast and totally safe solution, since its design prevents the poisoning of pets and other animals, and does not endanger people. Its mechanism reactivates in just 10 seconds after each shot, which can kill large numbers of rats and mice in a short period of time.

The Goodnature multi-catch trap is activated when the mouse approaches it attracted by the bait. As soon as it detects the presence of a rodent, the compressed air cylinder is activated and a polymer and glass piston hits the rat in the skull immediately and without suffering. Each CO2 cartridge allows up to 24 shots.