What is the best time to apply a self tanner?

It should always be done with clean skin, free of any type of moisturizer. But taking into account that the best thing to do is not to do it immediately after the shower “since it is when the pores are open”, explains Vidal, it seems that the best time is at night. Already she said as a man of Rosie HuntingtonJames Read. “The best time is at night, to be able to sleep later and remove the excess with the shower in the morning. In addition, you also tend to sweat more during the day, which can lead to blemishes while your (fake) tan is developing, ”explains Read.

From bottom to top (and better with gloves)
On how to apply it, Ana Puelles, co-owner of Estética Lostao, recommends doing it starting with the feet and continuing upwards, always in circular movements. Regarding doing it with gloves or without gloves, although the Lostao expert leaves it to your choice – yes, if you are going to do it with your hands it is necessary to wash your hands immediately afterward -, James Read prefers to extend it with gloves.

Two coats, please
Another of James Read’s tricks is to apply two light coats of the product, waiting 30 minutes between one and the other and 8 hours before taking a shower.