The Unconventional Material Guide for Your Custom Cosmetic Boxes

The lovely and eye-captivating pictures printed on the cosmetic boxes definitely attract the beholder’s eyes to the retail market shelves. The custom cosmetic boxes provide protection and safety to the cosmetics. Moreover, the modification on the cosmetic boxes makes your cosmetic products stand out on the market shelves amazingly.

Follow the below-listed material aspects to improve the appearance, style, and feel of cosmetic boxes:

Material is the Base for Cosmetic Boxes

Feel free to select a nice material for your mini cosmetic boxes. However, the material is the core of the packaging so, select a fabulous material for your packaging. 

There are various companies that offer cheap custom cosmetic packaging, which is affordable for every brand. These boxes in the customized form are an affordable and efficient option. 

You can use various materials such as kraft boxes of the best quality to create customized cosmetic boxes. 

The following are some of the materials which you can avail of from the market:

Card Stock Material Cosmetic Boxes

You can avail of the card stock material for your cosmetic custom boxes. However, it includes heavy consistency but is lighter than other materials. This box material is perfect for local shipment.

Do you know that the cardstock is a high-grade option for packing in your cosmetics?

Kraft Material Cosmetic Packaging

The kraft material is lighter in weight than cardstock boxes. However, kraft is an eco-friendly and biodegradable material. Hence, it will cause no harm to the environment. You can only use these material boxes for local shipment.

Moreover, it is a recyclable material and has eco-friendly characteristics. However, the kraft material creates a fabulous outlook of cosmetic packaging.

Corrugated Material Cosmetic Packaging

The corrugated material comprises more thickness than the cardstock and kraft material. The corrugated material boxes are good for international shipments. What corrugated material boxes comprise? This material comprises flutes and two flat linerboards. Hence, you can alter the composition of the flutes to increase or decrease the thickness of the materials enticingly.

Rigid Material Cosmetic Packaging

The rigid material boxes look really awesome. Moreover, it is the thickest material as compared to other materials. Additionally, rigid material comprises 32pt thickness. Moreover, it is the best material to transport delicate cosmetic products from one place to another. 

A rigid box comprises a highly condensed paperboard that is 4 times thicker as compared to the paperboard used in the construction of a standard folding carton. 

However, the simplest real-world example of rigid boxes is the boxes that hold Apple’s iPhones and iPads. These boxes are known as 2 piece setup rigid boxes. Therefore, cosmetic companies such as too faced, benefit, etc. also utilize 2 piece rigid boxes for placing their blush on and other makeup products.

Moreover, compared to paperboard and corrugated boxes, rigid boxes are among the most expensive box styles. 

Therefore, with all the packaging and box choices available in today’s market, it usually becomes tough to select the most appropriate packaging solution for your cosmetics.

However, you can simply choose the durable custom cosmetic boxes material according to your brand requirements by hiring a competent packaging company services.

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