The best NFL Shirt on the Market

I chose the Neon Orange Heather to make me more visible to motorists whizzing by and the Hanes brand for the X-Temp cooling power. Summer in Sunny SoCal sees temperatures starting to fall around 5:00pm, reaching the upper limit for a moderate walking workout about 2 hours later. The Sun’s getting ready to set and the breezes start kicking up. Perfect for that daily half-hour walk. The cooling power is so effective, you might experience a shiver or two while the temperature is still in the mid to high 80s!

The wicking action keeps away that clammy feeling while pulling moisture to the surface for natural evaporative cooling. Yes, the shirt might be drenched but you never feel like you’re wearing wet clothes.

I purchased these for my (discerning, bordering on insanely picky…) S.O. He generally prefers pricey “branded” t shirts, but needed some plain shirts for work and leisure use that wouldn’t break the bank.

He absolutely freakin LOVES these shirts! He wants a dresser filled with them in all colors! He reports that they are breathable and comfortable even in very humid working conditions, without being a super silky knot that makes him feel self conscious over a clingy fit. About that fit; these shirts hang nicely. They aren’t boxy, authentic soccer jersey or stiff but also manage to avoid being overly drapey or body con. These aren’t frumpy, only good for lounging nor beefcake going to the club. They’re comfortably in between.