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It’s not known why the leak occurred eight months later rather than at the time of the anchor collision. Authorities also are looking into whether other anchors hit and weakened the pipeline or if a preexisting condition with the line was to blame. 

2021 BET Soul Train Awards: BET’s 2021 Soul Train Awards was back with a bang on Saturday evening and held in-person at the famed Apollo Theatre in Harlem, New York with the likes of Normani, Ashanti and Paula Patton attending the celebration of Black excellence and music

Her trial by jury was due to start at Teesside Crown Court on Monday but yesterday it emerged the Crown Prosecution Service had dropped the charge because there was ‘no realistic prospect of conviction’.

Her trial by jury was due to start at Teesside Crown Court on Monday but yesterday it emerged the Crown Prosecution Service had dropped the charge because there was ‘no realistic prospect of conviction’ 

Currently the Foolish singer is gearing up to release re-recordings of her early albums ala Taylor Swift, which caused her former label Murder Inc and CEO Irv Gotti to angrily assert ‘she is basically trying to f**k me out of my Masters.’  

The leak stemmed from a 17.5-mile pipeline spanning from Amplify’s Elly oil rig seven miles off the coast of Long Beach to a pump station operated by Beta Offshore, a Long Beach unit of Houston-based Amplify, and spread to a slew of beaches and coastal areas across California’s Orange County

Your pet is nothing less than a kid for you.

They help in reducing stress and anxiety. Having a pet has many benefits. So, you may want to take them wherever you go. If you want to go for a holiday or to a function at the relative’s place, you would love to carry your pets with you. With advanced animal cages, it is really possible with

A reel must have the capacity of holding 300 yards of line and the line should be between 12-30 pound test lines which depend on the species of the fish you want to catch.

If you are not an expert then use the 30 pound test

‘As we gather at the World Famous Apollo for the 2021 Soul Train Awards, BET is honored to take the next step in supporting Black businesses, innovators and leaders in memory of Don Cornelius and beyond.’  

A Liberian-owned ship called the Beijing is believed to be responsible for the massive oil spill that tarnished Southern California beaches last month after the vessel’s anchor judi slot gacor terbaru dragged across the seabed and cracked a crucial pipeline 


There are many companies that offer this touring service and CHUBASCO Charters is one of them. It deals with fishing business and has more than 29 years of experience. It offers services like Bahamas Sport Fishing, Chubasco Charter Fleet

‘BET remains committed to the recovery of Black communities as we continue to navigate the effects of the COVID-19 global health crisis,’ BET Chief Communication and Social Impact Officer Jeanine Liburd said in a statement.

Factors leading to the 2008 ceremony’s cancellation included the Writers Guild of America strike, Cornelius’ health at the time, and Soul Train’s distributor Tribune Entertainment terminating operations after being sold to businessman Sam Zell.

. It is always advisable to take rain gear along with you so that you can be protected from the inclement weather. While booking for a deep sea fishing excursion, it is wise to ask the company (company that you hire for this fishing) what to take along with you.

These companies usually give a list of the items you are required to


Today, the animal cages manufacturers use so many advanced techniques and designs, which are very comfortable for the pets as well as for owners. Carrying or transferring the pets has become easier than

For bigger animals, there are cages with wheels. These are extremely helpful for the trappers of zoos who trap wild animals. The animal cages manufacturers use waterproof carriers, wire mesh, folded metal wires, adjustable walls, warming systems

Do you want an adventurous vacation ?If yes,then you should try for a deep sea fishing tour.You might not be knowing that the seas have the most enchanting fishes.Yes,they exist.However,this sport is very well known and it attracts tourists from various parts of the globe.It’s really an exciting experience, where you are in the sea and you just require the boat and fishes.

There are many grounds for this in the world. If you are keen, then you can try. This is probably best done from a boat. But before opting for this tour consider the following p


These are usually constructed to be very durable and the materials are used accordingly. Most of the times, these materials are reusable. While transporting, the animals should not get hurt. So, it is absolutely necessary to build comfortable cages or car


Even you can also try some larger bait like blue runners, cut bait, etc. It is always advisable to catch a fish by offering a natural pray. Therefore, to catch the larger fish, you can use small fishes like shrimps, squid