Top 9 Modern Coffee Table Designs That You’ll End up Loving

With minimalism making rounds, a well-settled living room accommodates mindfully selected furnishings. The Ottomans, sofa sets and coffee tables are common elements found almost everywhere. While the primary furniture unit is undoubtedly the sofa, the secondary is a coffee table. In addition, the overall look depends on the creative blending. Besides other accessories, a designer coffee table is an inevitable part of a living room. A small centerpiece anchoring in between transforms the aura. Wood being the timeless décor elucidation, marble and metal look equally graceful. Coffee tables are a productive investment that works for years to come. Also, these facilitate sophisticated appearance and allow customization. Here’s a list of our top selling coffee tables that bestow royalty:

Ornate Round Golden Coffee Table (Set of 2)

This round table is a perfect combination of marble and metal. While complimenting the interiors with style, the set is sturdy and durable. The white glittering marble on the top looks elite. In addition, the metal accommodating the table is submerged in golden hues. Its smart design and attractive shine finish hold objects of any temperature. Measuring 16 and 14 in height, its top marble size is 18 inches.   

Caged Golden Table Set of 2

 The Black and White combination never goes out of style. The captivating minimalistic vibes conferred conceal charm effortlessly. Placing it in the centre with an alluring planter on the top reflects the statement quotient. The premium quality black and white marbles pour a glittery shine. In addition, the gold-caged bottom grants a luxurious touch. Measuring 16 and 14 in height, it requires less area. This piece is a faultless investment, made intricately by our designers.  

Designer Golden Half Caged Coffee Table

This modern coffee table is perfect for a cosy ambience in your home. Its sleek look contrasts every interior and makes a splash in the room layout. Perfect for corners, this piece is a show stopper. Crafted with care from black marble and metal, it blends in a variety of colour palettes. In addition to aesthetics, it is ideal for a small family. Used for evening tea, coffee or snacks, it is multifunctional. Measured around 24-inch height, it imparts a wholesome look.

Square Tethered Metallic Table (Set of 2)

What makes this modern coffee table interesting is that it blends effortlessly. High-quality metal plated to give it a glassy look; it goes well with a modern setup. Sturdy and rigorous, it holds a variety of things easily. The premium quality marble when illuminated provides warmth. The square sleek design contrasted with a subtle rug looks royal. An updated trend of the contemporary era, it balances out the surroundings harmoniously. Measured around 16 and 14 in height, it attractively shines bright.

Golden Enriched Marble Coffee Table

This designer coffee table piece is not merely a corner table. The beauty of golden edges surrounding the white marble is arduous to define in words. Instead of spending thousands on gaudy interiors, select this piece for inclusive contentment. Also, the round container like semblance holds your favourite planter or magazines or sculpture. The combination of white marble and golden metal makes it luxurious. Measured around 20 inches in height, it is ideal for the garden too.    

Classic Black Round Coffee Table

The everlasting black and white combination on this coffee table is pure love. Its matte marble finish gives a plush shine. Moreover, the round and resilient marble on the top imparts a unique look. Minimalistic design for compact spaces, its shape allows easy contrasting. The black metal support from the bottom is rustproof and requires effortless cleaning. In addition, it measures around 16 and 14 inches in height and is smartly designed.

Golden Criss Cross Designer Metallic Table

This heightened modern coffee table ensures endless possibilities. It would be a wonderful piece for the living room, garden area, or bedroom. Professionally designed and painted with the utmost care, it is pure art. Moreover, the black marble illuminating on the top complements the interiors gracefully. The criss-cross legs, though complex, replicate modishness. Measured around 20 inches in height, it is stain free. Imparting a smooth look, it doesn’t require harsh cleaning products.

Golden Tapered Coffee Table

This modern coffee table has tapered legs and a marble patterned top. Not only it is extremely functional but it also makes them look aesthetically pleasing. Providing a stylish appearance in modern homes, it looks classy. Accommodating magazines or books at the bottom, the top looks beautiful with a vase. Moreover, it is a classic design that gives a complete style to the room. Measured around 20 inches in height, it is the most treasured piece.

Trio Golden Coffee Tables

Unlike a single table, sets always look better. They define symmetry in a place without much effort. This golden marble set of three tables presents striking hues. Placed in the centre with high definition items on the top, it describes an individual’s personality. Besides that, the golden legs impart an illuminated look. Measured around 24, 21, and 18 inches it is highly versatile.