Feng Shui your house with these simple recommendations.

Fix the squeaks!

When you open or shut your front door, does it make a squeaking or whining sound? It is the first and final thing you see when you enter or leave your house. Your emotions and mental health may be affected by the door’s screams. Many individuals are so used to the sound that they don’t even notice it anymore. Your home’s door hinges should be lubricated so that you may enter and exit it with more positive energy. If you have additional door hinges in your house, it’s a good idea to lubricate them as well. If you want to get feng shui certification, please visit our website.

Use the front door.

Many individuals live in houses where they enter via the rear door after parking their car in the garage. In terms of Feng Shui, this is handy, but in terms of how chi enters and exits your house, it may be limiting your good fortune and prospects. A simple Feng Shui remedy? At least once a week, open the front door. As often as possible! Open and shut it whenever you need to go grab the mail or go for a stroll. Make it a part of your daily routine.

It’s up to you where to put the Feng Shui fountain.

Feng Shui considers water to be a symbol of riches. I get a lot of questions about where the ideal area to put a fountain in terms of Feng Shui is located. Place a fountain at the entrance of your property in accordance with Feng Shui concepts. It doesn’t matter whether it’s just inside or just outside, as long as the water is moving toward the centre of your house. As a result, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of that riches.

Above the kitchen cabinetry, there are plants.

Inspect the cabinetry in your kitchen for signs that it has been installed on top of the ceiling or is supported by an overhang. Having no room above the kitchen’s top cabinets is excellent Feng Shui. Dust and sluggish energy are drawn to the area above the kitchen cabinets. The chi becomes clogged up, which fosters stagnant energy that might impede your progress in life. There is a Feng Shui adjustment for you if there is a space! Lighting, greenery (live or extremely lifelike), or other lovely and cherished items may be placed in this area. As a result of their presence, this space comes to life and undergoes a transformation of energy.

Close the door to the restroom.

When it comes to Feng Shui, many people worry about the bathroom. The goal here is to get the water out of the house. We don’t want our money to be flushed away since water is associated with riches. I’ve also been told that water flows back in when it drains, but to be safe, I suggest keeping the toilet seat cover down and the bathroom door shut.