ReactJS and React Native Are Not The Same Things

Many people mix up Reactjs with React Native because of their similar names. In 2011, Facebook, a corporate behemoth, published the Reactjs framework, which demonstrated a new approach to speed up JavaScript and make web sites more responsive and dynamic. After making this JavaScript library open source, the team published React Native, a refined framework. Continue reading to learn about the key distinctions between these two technologies.

To put it another way, when working on large web apps, developers use the Reactjs JavaScript package to design the user interface. React Native, on the other hand, is a framework that consists of several native libraries that assist in the development of native mobile applications. As a result, it’s easy to see how ReactJS aids online development and the React Native framework aids mobile app development.

This was a fundamental distinction. However, keep reading to learn about the other minor distinctions that might be made based on how the same activity is approached.

Getting Around

Even though React Native and React JS employ distinct techniques to navigating, the end result is essentially same. The React Native framework has an inherent library portion named Navigator that allows for seamless navigating. This Navigator is a replacement for the react-router, which aids in navigation for ReactJS-based web pages.

Both assist in making good transitions between distinct situations. One of the most advanced components that might make your job easier is NavigatorExperimental. However, most developers still choose to use the Navigator the majority of the time.


React Native is so advanced that its built-in libraries can handle the majority of jobs by themselves. Other libraries are not required for developers. One of these aspects is animation. If you’re new to working with this framework, you might find it challenging at first. However, after you’ve gotten the hang of it, you’ll agree that the end result is considerably superior to Reactjs’ CSS or other JavaScript libraries. With this Native framework, even engaging with a variety of user movements becomes easier.


If you’re utilising the JavaScript library, you simply need to write one line of code. Why? It’s because the written code will work in any environment. As a result, using this library saves developers time because they don’t have to write platform-specific code. On the other hand, while utilising the React Native framework, developers must write some platform-specific code, which takes some time. This is only useful if you wish to reach out to a variety of platforms.

The major objective of this essay is to inform others that these two technologies are distinct and operate in completely different realms. As a result, comparing the two is never a good idea. Both are effective in their respective fields. Both technologies, however, are very popular in today’s industry. If you want to work with these technologies, you need contact a reputable and experienced web development agency that can help you.

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