How many emails do you have to send per month?

We all need some reference numbers to see if we are heading in the right direction.

The problem is that – in web marketing – some of these parameters are easier to find than others.

For example, if you want to see the number of social media followers of a competitor, visit their profile. If you want to evaluate its search engine marketing activity, you can use software like SEMrush.

But other important parameters are almost impossible to find. Take email marketing metrics, for example – most companies don’t disclose their open and click rates, which are the real touchstones for measuring campaign success.

And if you’re just starting to invest in an email marketing campaign (or plan to do so), it’s hard for you to have a picture of how emails should be handled.

HubSpot conducted a survey of over 11,500 customers regarding email marketing to address this issue. Below are some graphs and statistics that will help you understand how many emails you will need to send and what good open and click rates are based on your type of business and company size.

How many email campaigns need to be sent per month?

We all want to know how many targeted email campaigns we should send in a month. Of course, we want to keep our contacts and customers in mind, but on the other hand, we don’t want to exaggerate and annoy them.

So, at what point does email marketing become “too much”? According to data from HubSpot, companies that send out more than 30 email campaigns per month are starting to see a drop in open and click rates. Note: these are targeted campaigns, i.e., sent to a profiled contact list, not indiscriminate sending to general users.

The magic number? Sixteen to thirty emails a monthCompanies that send 16-30 campaigns in a month see more than double the click-through rate than companies that send two or fewer campaigns in a month. With this frequency, businesses see an open rate of 32.4% on average and a click rate of 6.5%.

How many emails to send: comparison between companies of different sizes

Now you know that 16 to 30 email marketing campaigns per month are the best frequency overall. But if – starting from the above results – we consider the size of the companythe results become a little different.

Companies with 1-10 employees and 26-200 employees:  the results reflect the rankings above – open and click rates are higher if we send 16-30 targeted emails per month. Businesses with 1-10 employees typically have an average open rate of 35.3% and an average click rate of 6.9%,  and businesses with 26-200 employees have an average open rate of 32.3 % and an average click rate of 6.3%.

Companies with 11-25 employees:  Open rates are highest when companies of this size send 31 or more emails per month. With this frequency, these companies typically have an average open rate of 32.4%. But in doing so, they don’t get the most clicks, which they reach with a monthly email frequency of 16 to 30, with an average click rate of 6.7%.

Companies with 201+ employees:  For these companies, the optimal attendance is much lower than for other company sizes. Their highest average open rate (32.2%) is found in a frequency of 3-5 emails per month, and the highest average click rate (7.0%) is found in a monthly frequency of 6-15 email campaigns.

Moral of the story? Depending on your business size, you need to adjust the number of email campaigns to send each month.

How many emails to send: comparison between B2B and B2C companies

Here the data are instead divided according to the type of business: whether B2B or B2C.

Open rates are fairly constant for B2B: they are around 30%. In B2C, on the other hand, they range from 30.5% to 34.9%.

Even though open rates are higher for B2C businesses, B2B businesses usually have higher click-through rates.

Clicks on B2B emails increase when sending multiple emails. B2B companies that sent 16 – 30 emails per month had the highest average click-through rate (6.0%).

For B2C companies, the sending frequency with the best results is always 16-30 monthly email campaigns: B2C companies that sent 16 – 30 email campaigns per month had an average click rate of 5.6%.

You now have a framework of how many emails you need to send in a month and what open and click rates they should have on average for your company size and business model. The next thing to do? Take our comprehensive email marketing course and start building professional email marketing campaigns of the bond.