Which pet health insurance is the best?

Pets aren’t just fun. They also cost a lot of money. This is especially true when the four-legged friend gets sick. Health insurance can help in this case. Which animal health insurance is the best depends on the individual case. Depending on the insurance cover you want, a different tariff is a right choice.

With surgery insurance for pets, you can protect yourself against the costs of medically necessary surgeries. If that is not enough for you, comprehensive health insurance is the right alternative. Because this pays (similar to your own health insurance) a large part of the costs that you incur in the context of veterinary visits.

OP Insurance for Pets

Surgeries on pets cost a lot of money. Depending on the animal species, you can expect bills in the four-digit range, to which must be added the costs for examinations, follow-up treatment, or necessary inpatient admission.

With surgical insurance, you have the option of insuring yourself against this at low monthly premiums. If such cost protection for operations is sufficient for you, surgical insurance is the best animal health insurance for you.

Comprehensive health insurance for pets

Cheap premiums may be a possible reason why you decide that surgical insurance is the best pet health insurance for you. However, the amount of the contributions is only one side of the coin.

After all, it’s not just operations on pets that cost a lot of money. Even normal visits to the vet can quickly result in a high bill. This is especially true if your four-legged friend suffers from a chronic illness and therefore needs regular treatments and expensive medication.

If you are afraid that these costs could also tear a big hole in your household budget, comprehensive animal health insurance is the best choice. At Petplan, we offer you two different tariffs for this. In the basic package, you are insured up to an annual benefit limit of EUR 3,000.

Which Petplan pet health insurance is the best?

In order to decide which Petplan animal health insurance is best for you, we recommend that you compare the services of our three tariffs. You can find all the important information for this in the following table.

The best animal health insurance – our conclusion

Regardless of which of our pet health insurance plans is the best for you, it is particularly important that you do not completely forego insurance cover for your pet.

Always remember that the healthcare costs for your four-legged friend can quickly end up in regions that present you with serious financial problems. In the worst case, this can even mean that you cannot have your pet treated because you simply cannot afford the animal species bill.

So take the opportunity to protect yourself and your pet. With Petplan, you get reliable insurance protection at low premiums, which you can choose to pay monthly or annually. So send us your application for the animal insurance of your choice today online or by post.